Coal- and oil-fired power stations

Coal-fired power station, Walsum Block 10, Germany (750 MW)

New plant


  • Support in project management
  • Appointment of specialist staff for commissioning
  • Generator protection
  • Unit protection
  • Sole responsibility for commissioning 60 medium- and 270 low-voltage switchgear panels
  • Excitation plant
  • Measurements, analyses
  • Lightning and overvoltage protection
  • Multi-level customer support

Brown-coal-fired power station, Turow Unit 1 - 6, Poland (1500 MW)

Rehabilitation project


  • Design of auxiliary systems
  • Electrical arrangement diagrams, MCCs, UPS and DC switchgears, batteries, metering
  • Load sequencing, generator protection, measuring, synchronization
  • Cable tray planning, cable design calculations, cable routing, cable wiring diagrams
  • Lighting and emergency lighting, light distribution systems
  • Interface to power-station control system ABB Procontrol P13/14 (Unit 1-3)
  • ABB Symphony / Melody via OPC interface (Unit 4-6)
  • Protection settings for the protection for the entire plant
  • Management of the electrical consumer’s database
  • Planning of electrical and control equipment for rehabilitation