Code of Conduct and Ethics

plan E Elektroplanung GmbH adheres to its own strict Code of Conduct and Ethics which guides both in-house operations and client relations.

Client satisfaction is our highest priority

Uncompromising client satisfaction throughout all stages of project realization is our primary goal. Our clients are our most valued asset, and their satisfaction is the driving force behind all we do. The business success of our clients and the joint achievement of project objectives are the measure of our success. This is what determines what we do and the decisions we take.

High quality standards and market-oriented costing generate a competitive advantage for our clients

High quality standards and client-oriented services build the foundation on which our operations are based. The services of plan E Elektroplanung are aimed at providing our clients with a real competitive advantage. For this reason the achievement of consistently high quality standards and a strong global presence are vitally important for our company.

The highest degree of flexibility to deliver customer-specific solutions

Our flat and clearly structured internal hierarchy guarantees speedy and effective communication and maximum flexibility.

Tailored expertise to meet the demands of the project

Dedication, a high degree of motivation and autonomy are the defining features of the attitude of our staff to their work. It is ultimately their accrued know-how and experience that guarantee the successful completion of jointly executed project operations. On-going professional training, a continuous consolidation of expertise, combined with effective in-house bottom-up and top-down communications are standard best practice in our company, allowing us to meet the increasing demands of our clients and the market. Our Employees participate in the company’s success.
In order to deliver the results our clients expect from us, it is imperative that our staff work in a safe and healthy environment, which is why their physical and mental well-being is assigned the highest priority.

Collaboration with competent business partners generates innovative and competitive client solutions

We expand and optimize our skills portfolio through collaboration. To fulfill uniquely complex client requirements we cooperate with business partners who attend to tasks that specifically correspond to their core competences. Using the combined know-how of our business partners, entire projects and/or related individual procedures can be effectively optimized, thus yielding significant benefits for our clients.

Openness and fairness form the basis for long-term successful collaboration with our clients, partners and staff members

Effective and timely communication among all those involved throughout the realization of a project promotes the creation of joint solutions ensuring optimal project success. Transparency of costs and project realization independent of system and/or manufacturer is, of course, guaranteed at all times.